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EURES-Länder Websites

von NCOs, Mitgliedern und Partnern

Hier finden Sie Verlinkungen zu den Webseiten von NCOs, PES sowie von EURES-Mitgliedern und EURES-Partnern im europäischen EURES-Netzwerk.

  • NCO = National Coordination Office / Nationales Koordinierungsbüro EURES
  • PES = Public Employment Services / Öffentliche Arbeitsverwaltung


Austria / Österreich

Information about EURES Austria are integrated in the website of PES Austria (AMS Österreich).


Belgium / Belgien

NCO activities - Information and links can be found on the regional Actiris PES website ( Depending on the topic, some pages are available in Dutch, French or English, others only in the regional languages (Dutch or French). Beneath you’ll find the links to the dedicated subpages.

Jobseekers / citizens

Employers / recruitment from abroad

NCO – EURES general info


Bulgaria / Bulgarien

The website allows self-service for employers, EURES staff and jobseekers. Employers and EURES colleagues can register and upload job vacancies on their own. The website is bilingual and has English menu. The Bulgarian EURES staff monitors the process, checks the registration of the companies first and then the conditions of the job offer and asks for information on the JV if need be. Candidates can apply within the website itself.

Besides as a tool for intermediary services we also use it for information to jobseekers and employers as it has a lot other sections - Events, Living and working conditions, Work in Bulgaria section and so on.


Cyprus / Zypern

Information about EURES Cyprus, the network, contact details and many more are featured in the EURES CY website


Czech Republic / Tschechien


Estonia / Estland

English version available also with information about LWC in Estonia


Greece / Griechenland

Information about EURES activities, job vacancies etc. is integrated in two sections - jobseekers and employers - in the PES portal.


Hungary / Ungarn


Ireland / Irland


Italy / Italien

You can find information about EURES NCO, EURES Advisers' addresses in Italy and an EURES  News page about the most required Job vacancies and adverticements.


Lithuania / Litauen


Luxembourg / Luxemburg


Netherlands / Niederlande

This website is under the responsibility of the EURES NCO and the PES;    

  • Target group: Employers / employees
  • Employers: information about hiring staff in Europe
  • Employees: information about looking for work in the Netherlands
  • How can PES help with recruiting staff
  • How can PES help with job search
  • Information provided in 6 different languages

Working in the Netherlands in 6 languages

This website is hosted by NCO;

  • Target group: employers, employees, members and partners
  • Employers; basic information about hiring staff
  • Employees; basic information about job search in Europe
  • Members and Partners: How can I become a member of the EURES network
  • Members and Partners: login environment to upload monthly reports


Norway / Norwegen

PES website - also English version


Poland / Polen

Link to the English version of Polish national EURES website which is dedicated to jobseekers and employers:



Social Media


Romania / Rumänien



Slovakia / Slowakei


Slovenia / Slowenien

In Slovenia EURES national website is integrated into PES website.


Spain / Spanien

EURES Spain official website

Other websites:

EURES Spain Member websites (PES):


Sweden / Schweden

NCO websites

  • Here is the main page for the Swedish NCO in English. Further down on this same page you will also find the list of our 10 members and partners together with a small description and their websites.
  • NCO EURES information in Swedish is also listed under the page for ”European and International work

Information for jobseekers:

For employers: