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Erklärfilm EURES für Arbeitsuchende und Unternehmen (Englisch)

Introduction and appeal to use EURES 0:00

Image description: Small red hearts and yellow stars move on a white background until the EURES logo appears in the centre and the hearts and stars fly out of the image in every direction. The EURES logo carries the words EURES at the top, and consists of two interlocking hands in yellow and blue. A circle of stars in the right-hand corner of the blue hand symbolises Europe. The image is divided into three vertical images. Atije is on the left, Elena is in the centre and Stefanos is on the right. Their first names are shown in yellow letters on a blue square. Next, their job description appears under her name. Atije is a EURES advisor. Elena is a physical education teacher. Stefanos is a hairdresser. They are smiling and moving a little.

Spoken text: Narrator: Seize your new opportunities with EURES now! Find new employees and apprentices or find a new job and apprenticeship.

Atije works for EURES in the Federal Employment Agency 0:12

Image description: The camera follows Atije along the hallway at the Employment Agency in Nuremberg. When we see her from the front, above the door that she is walking through are the words Service for Employers. Atije sits on the edge of her desk in her office and describes the EURES network. Afterwards, she can be seen sitting at her desk and typing at her computer.

Spoken text: Atije: EURES is a network of 1,000 EURES advisors throughout Europe. We offer a free service for employees who are interested in taking up employment in the EU or for employers who want to recruit employees from the EU.

Stefanos completed an apprenticeship in hairdressing in Germany 00:38

Image description: Stefanos walks up a few steps. He is sitting in front of a mirror in the hairdressing salon in which he works. His customer is a woman with green hair. Her hair can be seen in the mirror, which has a golden white frame. Both are wearing facemasks. He fixes the black hairdresser’s cape around her upper body. In the background, the furnishings of the hairdressing salon as well as some products can be seen. Stefanos is using a hair straightener on the woman’s hair. The following information appears in the picture: Dual apprenticeship in hairdressing, 2016-2019 in Berlin. Stefanos sprays hairspray onto the woman’s hair.

Spoken text: Stefanos: I am from Greece, and I’ve been working as a hairdresser for eight months after completing my three-year apprenticeship. At first, I found college hard. It gradually got a bit easier when I was able to understand everything, though. At the start, learning German is very important, so that you can remember everything.

Elena completed a commercial apprenticeship in Germany 00:57

Image description: Elena is walking along a footpath in front of some green trees. Her name and apprenticeship are shown in writing: Elena, physical education, commercial apprenticeship. She is sitting on a chair in a room with a football table and is talking. She stands up. In her hands she is holding an orange softball, which she moves from one hand to the other. The words Dual apprenticeship. Specialist for office management, 2013-2017 in Schwerin appear in yellow lettering on a blue rectangular background. She is sitting at a computer and can be seen from the front through a glass wall which has post-it notes attached to it. She pins a note onto a board on the right of the picture, while the screencast from the EURES job portal appears on the left.

Spoken text: Elena: I studied sports science and education in Greece. When I graduated, I got an offer from Germany to play handball and to do an apprenticeship here. I was interested, as in Greece, there is no scheme that allows you to work and go to college at the same time. For me, it was straightforward, and a matter of setting new goals and working hard.

The EURES jobs portal is presented 01:26

Image description: The homepage of the European Jobs Mobility Portal shows how many job vacancies and CVs are currently uploaded. The registration screen asks the user for their user name and password. A sample login is carried out, and the personal profile of an individual is displayed briefly. Atije reaches for the telephone. Her hand can be seen first, and then her face is shown in close-up. The screencast from the EURES portal now returns to the picture on the right and is displayed in full. First of all, the view of a CV appears, which can be edited in the EURES portal. It briefly shows what it looks like if a user decides to export their CV to Europass. The job search view appears. There are several filter options on the left. The jobs are listed on the right. The companies page is shown which the companies can see after registration. The applicant search page is shown. Here, too, the filter options are shown on the left and the selection of applications on the right.

Spoken text: Narrator: It only takes a few clicks to get personal advice. You register on the EURES portal first, and you then log in as a company or jobseeker or as an individual seeking an apprenticeship. The most important points are to contact your EURES advisor at home, i.e. in your home country, to clarify the following: What do I need to do to start looking for a job in Germany? A profile is created. The applicant is registered as unemployed and receives suggestions for possible jobs or apprenticeships. Jobseekers upload their personal CV. An export as a Europass is possible. To start their personal job search, the user clicks on Search for job. After registering, companies receive all the information they need on how to post vacancies and search for suitable applicants.

EURES advisors support customers 02:26

Image description: Atije is sitting on the edge of her desk. A small display stand for various information flyers from the Federal Employment Agency is next to her. The EURES Germany website can be seen on a computer screen. Europe - Professional Mobility can be seen on the screen. She types something into the computer. A close-up of the screen and her eyes can be seen.

Spoken text: Atije: We manage the job vacancies for the employers. We propose the applicants. We make sure that the working conditions are fair. Of course, the employer’s culture of welcoming is discussed with us beforehand so we can ensure that applicants who come to Germany can also rely on this support there.

Stefanos was supported by a mentor 02:48

Image description: Stefanos’ face can be seen. He is wearing a black facemask while giving a customer a haircut. Stefanos sits down and talks. A woman with light pink hair and a black facemask is looking straight ahead. Stefano’s hands throw the black hairdresser’s cape over her upper body and close it at the nape of her neck. He lifts up her hair briefly. Stefanos’ face can be seen from below as he does his hair and smiles behind his facemask.

Spoken text: Stefanos: I had a mentor, and he helped me with everything: form-filling, money, language, contracts. And I am very grateful to him indeed.

Advantages of the EURES network 03:08

Image description: Atije is sitting on the edge of her desk. There is a window behind her. A brochure with illustrations of the regions which border Germany can be seen. Elena is sitting in the room in front of the football table. Her name and the information Dual apprenticeship. Specialist for office management, 2013-2017 in Schwerin appear next to her in yellow lettering on a blue background. Elena is standing in front of an outside wall with colourful graffiti with her hands on her hips. She is smiling. Stefanos is sitting down. The hairdressing salon can be seen in the background. His name and the information Dual apprenticeship. Hairdressing, 2016-2019 appear next to him in yellow lettering on a blue background. Stefanos stands in front of a mirror and smiles. Several red hearts appear on a white background. They turn into yellow stars which create a circle. They disappear as the EURES logo appears on the white background. The email address of the International Placement Office is shown below:, and the link to the EURES portal:

Spoken text: Atije: The advantage of the EURES network is that it facilitates international communications, you can get in touch with the EURES advisors all over Europe quickly, and you can also receive direct support. Elena: I needed some new prospects, and Germany was exactly right for me. Everybody was really positive towards me, which is what made everything a little bit easier for me. I then started to think about staying here. Stefanos: I said that when I came here, it was the beginning of my new life. I wasn't exactly right though. My new life actually began when I finished my very last exam. Narrator: EURES won’t find you the love of your life, but your next opportunity on the European labour market. Visit the EURES website now or email us, and seize your opportunity.